Finishings define the aspect of your home or office.

Regardless of the chosen structure, premium finishings put your space in a truly special light. We offer you consultancy for interior design and guaranteeto only use high-quality materials and products, at your choice.


Because we like to keep up with the latest technology and we care for the environment, besides the automated underground parking system, we will even offer you EV chargers.

Smart home systems, for smart homeowners
When buying an apartment at Maurer Panoramic, you benefit from a smart home system. We offer the basic level free of charge, which includes:
  •  the software platform, through which you can control smart items in your home with your phone, laptop or tablet, when they are connected to the Internet;
  •   monitoring the power consumption in the apartment, for each consumption points, which helps you lower the costs;
  •   controlling the lighting in the apartment, for each lighting area, for optimal comfort and reduced expenses;
  •   the possibility of extending your network at anytime, by adding other smart objects in the platform, dedicated to security, safety or fun.

Exterior and shared spaces finishings

  • Windows made of aluminum woodwork, with triple-glazed glass system
  • Grade-A tile finishings on the terraces; tempered glass
  • Granite plating  for the staircase and corridors
  • Separate appliance meters, to monitor consumption
  • Separate PVC joinery
  • Lighting for common spaces
  • High speed elevators, suitable for high buildings, secure in case of emergency situations
  • Fire prevention and extinguishing systems  (sprinkler, smoke detector, smoke system, hydrants, fire station, evacuation signaling)
  • Videophone
  • Security center
  • Reception area and concierge services

 Interior finishings

  • premium ceramic tiles in the bathroom, hallway and kitchen
  • triple-layered parquet for the bedrooms and living-room
  • embedded sanitary fixtures – toilet bowl and sink; bathtub or shower, high quality bathroom faucets
  • underfloor heating system, with a central heating unit
  • air conditioning
  • smart home system (basic level, which can be extended)
  • white washable paint
  • interior doors (from Germany)
  • electrical wiring (including light currents)


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