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Live the High Life

Maurer Panoramic is developed by Maurer Imobiliare, one of the most remarkable real estate developers in Romania. The project has an excellent location, in the central area of Cluj-Napoca. The building will have an impressive architecture and will become a landmark for the community; modern facilities and premium finishings will define a new lifestyle and a new standard for inhabiting. Our priority is to offer you the possibility of living the high life.



Maurer Panoramic will rise in the middle of a very dynamic area of Cluj, close to the heart of the city, but screened from the bustle of large traffic lanes. The project grows at a glance from the old town, in an area that is becoming more and more modern, due to some rehabilitation projects. Thus, in Abator Square no. 1, in Cluj-Napoca, you will enjoy the proximity of green spaces. At Maurer Panoramic, you will be close to great office buildings, universities, public institutions. You cannot get bored, because you will be at a comfortable distance from the places where you can enjoy the effervescent life of Cluj and where the events that colour the city are organized.   Therefore, you will not waste your precious time in traffic, because you will be close to everything that matters.


The project will change the face of the city, and this is not just a figure of speech. Maurer Panoramic will be the tallest building in the central area, offering a magnificent view of the city. In height, the building will be impressive: 74 meters, 21 floors, which will accommodate over 300 luxurious apartments, in both wings of the building; commercial spaces – on the ground floor; office spaces – at the mezzanine; 5 levels of underground parking. The ventilated façade, the glass finishings and the illuminated decorative elements will emphasize this spectacular building. For your safety, the building will benefit from: reception area, fire prevention and extinguishing system and video intercom. Thanks to the modern features at Maurer Panoramic, you will know that your property is safe, at all times.
With certainty, Maurer Panoramic will become a landmark for Cluj-Napoca and it will contribute to the beauty of the downtown area. You can really live the high life here!


Regardless of the apartment you choose, we offer premium finishings, at your choice, so that you can create a place on your own, with an exceptional interior design. You will even benefit from a smart-home system; this way, you will be able to control your smart devices in the apartment from your phone, laptop or tablet – for example, to control lighting and temperature or to monitor energy consumption. The underfloor heating system will give you comfort during winter mornings, while the air conditioning will make summer evenings more pleasant for you. From your own terrace of your apartment, you can enjoy the view of spectacular sunsets, and in the spacious living room you can relax a little, in the relaxing light of the weekend mornings. The comfort of the family will be complemented by: triple layered parquet, very good quality tiles and tiles, built-in sanitary ware and excellent soundproofing.


The Maurer Panoramic project is aimed at successful young people and inspired investors. The purchase of apartments, commercial spaces and office space offers long-term financial stability. This is the reason why we offer you special opportunities. A real estate investment at Maurer Panoramic is an inspired decision, with safe benefits. Cluj-Napoca is in continuous ascension and, therefore, this premium project, located in a central area of the city, offers security and rapid recovery of the investment.
The apartments are an excellent choice, if you have decided to invest safely in real estate for rent, whose value continues to grow. On the other hand, due to their excellent location, the offices and commercial spaces at Maurer Panoramic are the obvious choice, for countless clients and business growth. Moreover, the experience and values that drive Maurer Imobiliare make your investment even safer. You can rely on a trustworthy real estate developer!
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  • 14 Lalelelor Street,
    Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • Tel: +40 784 441 111
  • Email: cluj@maurerimobiliare.ro
  • 14 Lalelelor Street,
    Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • Tel: +40 784 441 111
  • Email: cluj@maurerimobiliare.ro
  • Adresa: Str. Lalelelor nr. 14,
    Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • Tel: +40 784 441 111
  • Email: cluj@maurerimobiliare.ro